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The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation

About the Foundation

The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation is dedicated to enhancing access to learning and development opportunities for all. In our areas of focus, we want to provide every single person with the fundamental building blocks to reach their full potential. 

We invest in projects in two primary areas: early childhood literacy, and vision correction. Our belief is that effective philanthropy is built on acquired knowledge and experience, and we have dedicated the last 15 years to testing and learning in these areas. 

This approach also means that we are willing to take calculated risks. As a philanthropic foundation, we are in the unique position to be able to privatise failure and socialise success. We can invest in unconventional ideas around a societal challenge with loss absorbing capital, where institutional investors like governments and corporates cannot.


Our projects around vision and affordable eyecare work to provide access to the 2.2 billion people around the world who suffer from poor vision.

Early Childhood Literacy

Our mission in early childhood literacy is to nurture the next generation by enhancing access to books, innovative learning techniques and a love of reading.